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Hello, World!

Welcome to the blog, where all of my interests can live in one place and where I can share them with you! So much of what I do is segmented. I’ve got my photo hobby on Insta, my random thoughts on Twitter, I spout about the books I’m reading while playing videogames on Twitch!


I mean…there are things that I do and am interested in that you didn’t even know about. Like…did you know that I have an Etsy shop? I sell one thing: these felted magikarp. That’s it. I’ve sold two.

Those lucky purchasers…they have my babies. Chico and Noel, I pray every night that they’re treating you well.



I love learning new things and sharing the useful or fun stuff with others. Here, I’ll be able to do that as well as answer questions the community has asked, compile information about my own interests, and offer my opinions that just wouldn’t fit anywhere else. From books to crafting, finance to content creation, drawing and video editing! I am pretty excited.

Alright, if you’ve read this, then I say thank you! I’ll be picking at least one or two days a week to try to get a post in!

And if you’re here early, go ahead and leave a comment and say hello! If there are any topics you’d be interested in reading about, feel free to share and thank you so very much for being here!

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  • Yomu

    Chico (or is it Noel?) Is a wonderful companion! And dare I say, great home defense!
    Congratulations on the fantastic new site! You put a TON of work into it! <3

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