schedule: monday, tuesday, thursday, friday 2pm cst



I post a new video every Friday at 11am CST! Mainly gaming and segments from our Twitch streams n’ events but you might see some other stuff there, too, it’s new!


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We have a lovely community on Discord! That’s where we hang out and chat when I’m not live. Everything from food and pics of our pets to gaming talk or just a nice, “Good morning!”


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The Blog

I love writing! This is a place for me to share my various interests, photos, art, and more! What I’ve been up to and pics of Jack the cat should be expected. Books I’m interested in, opinion pieces, and even what I’m shopping for. I read and respond to every comment.



Info on how I do the things! From Instagram photography to cooking to streaming. If you’re curious about how I do something, just ask by tagging me in the Discord! I can write a “How-I-Do” for you!


Just Chatting

Lifestyle posts about what I’m up to, photos of my cat, my art, and what’s holding my interest at the moment! Interviews and profiles, community spotlights!



All things that I love that you might love, too! From books to content creation equipment, to makeup and clothes! Top 10’s and more for those looking to discover some good stuff!